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Best Gambling Apps

The real money gambling apps that are used for tablets and smartphones seem to be gaining traction, something that is really benefiting veteran gamblers like myself.

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Before the online casino websites were born, some of us had to travel all the way to the land based casinos, and for those in countries that didn’t allow gambling activities within the country, it meant that they had to travel all the way to the countries where they offered the services.

This really made gambling and betting very hectic and difficult. However, with the advancement of the mobile technology, gambling apps technology has spread to the gambling industry, making it easy for all players to literally use the mobile applications for just about any form of betting and gambling.


Best Gambling Apps


The mobile application developers have been comprehensive in developing best gambling apps that fit every operating system, focusing their efforts primarily on the Android, Windows and iOS though they have an option for some BlackBerry applications.

Most of the best gambling apps (like, Rainbow Riches App) that you will find in the various application stores are usually not for real money game play. What we have discussed in detail for you is a number of online best gambling apps platforms that include the following:

  • The Windows Platform: This is the OS for Microsoft mobile phone, and the latest version as you are reading this is the Windows 10. In our review, we are focusing on the windows gambling apps that are optimized to play on the windows mobile smartphones and the tablets.

  • The Blackberry Platform: They have their latest Operating System as the Blackberry 10. We also have a brief review of the gambling applications found on this platform.

  • The iOS Platform: This is probably the second largest mobile platform and is developed specifically for the Apple mobile and their supported devices that include the iPhones and iPad gambling apps.

  • The Android Platform: is probably the largest gambling application. It is an open source mobile phone platform that is developed by Google and features a long list of supported devices.

To play real money games, you will be required to have information on various brands that offer one of a few varying options, which include gambling applications for real money and online casino websites which have been optimized for the mobile devices.

Some of the applications are usually using the QR codes for instant access, and they’ve all been developed to be easily viewed or accessed through the tablet or smartphone.


The iPhone Gambling Apps


iPhone devices are probably the most owned devices in the word, and they have been specifically developed for the popular Apple mobile products.

Whether you own the older versions of the iOS 3 or, the newer version of the iPhone 6, you can have access to all the full-featured real money gambling applications via the device’s iTunes App store.

However, most of the gambling portals and online casinos which don’t have mobile applications, they will normally have a mobile-optimized version of the website. They will usually have a QR code or a link where you can click on and get redirected to the mobile version.


The Android Gambling Apps


When it comes to Android gambling applications, there are obviously multiple real money and play money applications that are available at the third-party Android marketplace as well as the Google play store.

By multiple estimates, it is approximated that there are more than 500,000 applications and it would be reasonable to think in line of the open-access nature of the Android OS. They usually vary on a number of gambling platforms including the poker games, the android sports betting, and the casino gambling.


The Blackberry Gambling Apps


If you are an owner of a Blackberry, a smartphone manufactured by Canada, and you wish to access some of their mobile application, you may have asked yourself if they really have any legitimate Blackberry gambling applications.

Well, just like the iOS and Android platforms, Blackberry have downloadable and legitimate gambling applications.

Most of the online casinos only have play money applications at the Blackberry World while some of them have a mobile optimized website version that you can access through their main site instead of the Blackberry application. At some of the site, you will usually encounter a QR code that you can use to access the site.


The Windows Gambling Apps


If you are searching for windows gambling apps, you probably own a device that is powered by the Windows OS. This mobile operating system offers a familiar experience and interface that allows you to sync your device to a laptop or a computer that is run by Windows.

To download any application for your device, you will have to access the Windows Phone Store, which will only offer you a few play money applications. However, they currently do not support sportsbook, casino or the poker room applications that involve real money.


The Play Money Apps Vs The Real Money Apps


Play money mobile applications are no different from the real money applications. If you are playing a game through the play money application, you will enjoy the game with the same odds as the real money odds. Additionally, you will enjoy the game with the same graphical features and the same gameplay.

The only difference between the play money option and real money option comes in when it comes to winning money in the process or the play time. With the play money option, you will only enjoy a few minutes of the game. You will also not be able to win real money in the process.


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