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Professional Gambling Advices

If you have been betting for a while – and you’ve finally broken even – or even gone ahead to make a minor profit – then this is the right page for you. With the professional gambling advice, you are bound to take your gambling to a next level. We do not have sure-fire tips, but we offer principles that you will require to become a successful punter.

However, please ensure that you are careful whenever you are betting. As a professional gambler, ensure that you don’t bet more money than you can afford.


So, you want some professional gambling advice?


If you are reading this, I assume that you have come to grips with the elementary of football punting. You have started taking a closer look at your gambling patterns and you have noticed that you enjoy when you are winning. The professional gambling advice in this section assume that you’ve already taken care of some of the following things:

  • You already have access to football statistics and the team form

  • Have a football league that you follow closely

  • Have a betting log of all your bets – with details for at least 50 bets

Let’s see if I can offer some professional gambling advice on different angles of the bets you place. This section simply has the match result betting. If you are after gambling advice regarding the goal scorer betting, goal betting and HT/FT betting, you can visit other sites.


Gambling Advice #1: Always bet with value


You are probably wondering what is value? In simple terms, value is when you view the bookmaker’s odds set at a level where the reward outweighs the risk.

To evaluate whether a bet is value, all that you are required to do is estimate the odds of a side to win, get the best valued decimal price for the bet and then multiply percentage chance of a win against the odds available. Still not getting it? An example of a value bet:


  • You are thinking that a given team playing at home has a 50% chance of winning. Therefore, you will only bet on this team if the odds available is better than 2.00. This is because 50% = 0.50 × 2.00 = 1 which is a fair value. If you get any value less than 1, it means that in due course of the season, you are bound to lose some cash on the bet.



Gambling Advice #2: Look at the home and away form


From statistics, it has been understood that almost half of all the home games end with a home win, another quarter end with a draw with the remaining ending in away wins. This is a fact that cuts across all the major leagues played across the world.

The most basic way of predicting is by looking at the previous match result during the ongoing season – and perhaps the outgoing season – in order to estimate the odds of a result. If, for example, you take a look at the 2004/2005 EPL, then you will notice some of the eye opening results.

  • The champions, Chelsea, won 73% of all their home games

  • Bottom ranked Southampton, only lost 68% of their away games

  • Out of all the teams, the top five teams won more than half of all their home games


Other Factors to Consider


The recent form of the team is also a factor to consider. The concept in this is that a team that has been on a winning streak builds a confidence and possibly has also gained form its injury woes.

This factor is generally true, but from other patterns, especially for those teams that are place in the middle of the table, they may be a little bit inconsistent. Absence and injuries can also impact greatly on a team. In fact, some players play a very huge role in a team as compared to others, especially those playing the defensive role.

As a professional, central defenders and goalkeepers are vital to any win. If any of these two is missing, then it’s a reason to worry. A team that misses its captain is a sign of a leaderless side.

Another complicating factor that you have to consider is the local derbies. Matches between two local rivals will usually be hard fought simply because they will usually have standards that the fans will be expecting to be met. 


Other Professional Gambling Tips


If you are playing other casino games such as roulette and blackjack, you might want to consider some of the following tips. Choose an online casino website that has a good reputation. An online casino that has a good reputation is bound to offer you exemplary casino services.

Choose an online casino game that you are well familiar with. By playing a game that you understand better, you increase your chances of winning and reducing the hose edge.

Ensure that you are always sober when betting whether at an online casino website or at your local casino. Remember that alcohol impairs your judgment and makes it difficult for you to make the right decisions. Always ensure that you practice before you start playing for real money.

Nearly all the virtual casinos have the play money option, which enables you to play the online casino games without paying any money.

Even though the games are usually limited to not more than 10 minutes, they will usually have the same odds as the real money games and will give you an opportunity of gauging your luck before playing online.

Choose games that require little or no strategy to play. Online casino games such as slots and roulette are widely played since they have better payout rates and require very little or no strategy to play, making it easy even for beginners.


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