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Online Gambling Facts and Statistics

Many people have an interest in online gambling and the number of people involved in gambling today is incredibly high, and also the craze among the gamblers for online gambling has increased manifold in the last two decades.

With online gambling at hand, gamblers can bet from anywhere and about anything. With the increase in the opportunities for gambling, people are gambling more frequently.


Thousands of Online Gambling Websites


The advancement in mobile technology and the use of smartphones has enabled the users to carry casinos in their pockets, and they can even pay by phone bill in casino while sitting in their homes. It is quite easy to determine some of the traditional gambling facts, but online gambling is something new and emerging phenomenon.

If we look at the history, the first online gambling casino was launched in the year 1996, and there were eighteen games that were available. At present, thousands of online gambling websites are available.


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Play Favorite Casino at Home


Earlier online gambling casinos were separate, and they were not the part of the real casinos. The traditional casinos tried to stay away from the online casinos as they thought it would hamper their business but now the trend is changing and many land based casinos are coming up with their own online gambling websites.


A Lucrative Venture


Online gambling is no doubt one of the most popular activity men has ever indulged in, and one cannot deny the fact that it is extremely lucrative venture and is growing at the robust rate on the world wide web. So, now millions of gamblers can play their favorite casino game without visiting the Las Vegas or the Atlantic City.

Gamblers can easily login into their online gambling website and can play the game of a poker or can enjoy the blackjack from their own mobile handsets or computers.


online gambling facts


Online gambling has become much more convenient and easy now and has raised the entire world of gambling to a new level.


Look at the Gambling Facts Before Actually Trying


People can play internet bingo and can have access to the friendly communities, and they can spend lots of time playing which can take away their boredom. There is an array of online gambling games that are available and gamblers can enjoy slot machines, video poker and can indulge in bingo with the comrades and much more.



With online gambling, gamblers can have all the fun of casino at their homes itself. The access to online gambling and opening up of the account is much easier which has made it an enjoyable pastime.

If one looks at some of the online gambling facts, the internet gambling is one of the fastest growing industries, and it has become much more popular and prominent with the introduction of a variety of gaming apps.


Key Gambling Facts and Statistics


Since an average teenager spends more than 5 hours on the internet, it is unlikely that he will never come across any gambling site. Sometimes called as simulated gambling games, these games have been specifically designed to give a chance to the player to win credits.

Looking at few of the gambling facts and statistics, it is hard to find out how many people are actually attuned to the world of online gambling.

It is difficult to be certain about the exact number, but one of the estimates suggested that around 1.6 billion people gamble at some point in a particular year and around 4.2 billion have tried gambling at some point in their lives.


gambling facts and statistics


With the increasing access to the online gambling, these digits have grown to a much larger extent in the last few years.


Choose the Most Reliable Gambling Website


Nowadays gambler need not dress up and drive to a casino and the online gambling players can play a variety of online games and can engage themselves in online gambling activities for a considerable amount of time.

However, a gambler should be aware of all the essential online gambling facts before trying any new gambling website. It is essential to do some prior research before choosing any new gambling website.

Gambler should try to understand his financial capability and establish an appropriate budget for playing. It is just like a real casino world where a player needs to have a bankroll before actually starting. While choosing an online casino, do some research to find out if it is a reputed online casino website or not.


Mobile Apps Taking the World of Online Gambling


Users need to fully understand the working, rules, and regulations of the gambling activity he is trying to indulge in. With the recent development of mobile technology, there is an increase in the number of mobile casinos as there are a variety of online casinos apps that are available for android, iOS, and various other mobile platforms.




Changing Gambling Laws Across Countries


With the continuous amendments in the gambling laws across various countries and the governments beginning to realize that online gaming can also be controlled with the levy of taxes, many countries are legalizing the online gambling activities.

While local gambling laws can’t be changed, the online gamblers have much more freedom playing online in comparison to offline gambling as the internet has no boundaries. Gambling, if played responsibly is the most entertaining and enjoying pastime.


Ensure Safe and Enjoyable Gambling


There are thousands of online gambling sites available for the players to choose from. But at the same time, there are only few that stand as the top quality and ensure a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

If a person is confident, gamble responsibly, and if he has little spare money, there is no reason he cannot enjoy the online gambling activities, and in case the player is lucky he can earn some extra money too. The only thing that is needed is the necessary skills and the tactics to win the game.


Time to Gamble