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Types of Gamblers

Do you have any idea about the types of gamblers? Yes, gambling is a source of excitement, though addiction is not good. Gambling can be a source of fun and excitement until it becomes an addiction. Once people get more and more into the games, then problems arise.

Usually, bettors play the casino games for fun and to make their weekends full of excitement. But, if that starts to hamper their health and financial condition, that means it’s time to check.


Types of Gamblers


Based on your playing style, gambling types and fondness towards the game, the gamblers have been divided into two groups:


  • Okay Gamblers

  • Not Okay Gamblers


Today we will discuss how we have categorized the gamblers under these types.


Okay Gamblers


Under this category, there are certain groups who view gambling as a method to pass your leisure and as a fun element. These groups are:


Recreational Gamblers


They are the social gamblers to whom gambling means pure entertainment. As people go to a movie or have a special dinner at your favorite restaurant, they go to casinos for gambling.

It is true that they keep the daily or weekly lottery tickets or stay updated about the bonuses and promos at several casinos, but nothing goes beyond limitation.



They play for fun and don’t think much if they lose any game. They are quite controlled and never let gambling take control over them. They are aware of the consequences of addiction and never create problems for their family or themselves.

They don’t hide that they are fond of gambling as they know they are not doing anything wrong. Do you belong to this group? Then you can add fun and excitement to your life.


Heavy Gamblers


Serious or heavy gamblers are those who gamble only when they know that they can afford to lose. They keep the specific amount for gambling, and that is always proportionate to their earnings.

They know how to keep the balance and always stay constant to that amount. They don’t have the bad habit of borrowing money from their credit cards to gamble. They love gambling, but that does not hamper their personal life. They have time for their families and love to spend time with them.

Their gambling habit can never be the cause of problems to their near and dear ones. Still, there are certain differences between social gamblers and heavy gamblers.



While social gamblers play it only for fun, the later one’s love gambling as that is one of the integral parts of their life and start to miss it when they stay away from it for a long time. These types of gamblers focus on a specific gaming style while gambling. They don’t chase their losses.

But, this type of gamblers must be very careful about their fondness towards gambling as they can turn to be problem gamblers if not checked at an early stage.


Professional Gamblers


They are the strategic gamblers. Professional gamblers are always cool headed and stay under controlled while putting the bet. They have always planned players and proceed methodically.

The first thing you will get to see in them is their discipline. You won’t find anything impulsive in them, especially while betting. They never chase losses at all. The only problem with them is that they think gambling is the only way to earn well.


Types Of Gamblers


Such attitude may make them get more into the games, but it is their self-control that can show them the right path. Such gamblers belong to ‘Okay Group,' but there are certain people who make gambling everything of their life. They categorized under ‘Not Okay Group.'


Not Okay Gamblers


If you do not fall in any of the above groups and you are crazy about gambling, then you belong to this group. There is always time to return. Think about the positive sides of life and your family members and quit your bad habit. Let’s find out the characteristics of these gamblers:


Problem Gamblers


These gamblers have already faced the negative impact of gambling in their life.  It may be their degrading financial condition or failed relationships. Such gamblers are so much into gambling that they often borrow from friends or from their credit cards to pay the wagers.

Not only they debt, but they also spend money allocated for paying bills, food or rent to pay the wagers. Such attitudes bring disaster for their families and they also never get any peace. If they lose, they never forget it and chase it, thinking that they can win at the next move. It can drag them more downwards.



After every loss, their mood swings and when it happens repeatedly, it hampers their mental peace and the persons’ who associated with them. They are regular visitors at casinos and other gambling destinations, and if they win, the perks encourage them more to invest into gambling.

Often, they may quit pretending that they are not problem gamblers, but they will always want to get back into the casinos and try their luck. There is still chance to get back from being a problem gambler as they have not turned into a person with a mental health condition. But, the main thing they need to do is self-help.


Pathological Gamblers


Compulsive or pathological gamblers go through a mental disorder where they possess all the characteristics of problem gamblers. Along with that, they think gambling is the only answer to solving all their financial problems. Any small win can make them crazy, and they only reinvest it only to win bigger and better.

Their behavior becomes rude; they get detached from their near and dear ones and slowly from the society; arguments and fighting become every day’s story. 



Pathological gamblers should consult psychiatrists and go through counseling sessions to revive from their problem and to get back to normal life.

So, you see how gambling can ruin one person. But, you can’t blame the games as those are only for entertainment. It is up to you how you want to make your life. Here, you get the types of gamblers who are responsible for themselves.


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