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Gambling Chips Review

When you are stepping into a casino, and you are going to play a game, you need to give them some money for every step. That money is not given as the real ones to the customers of casinos. A different kind of money is rolled around the casino. Some call it gambling chips, some call it casino checks and some call it casino cheques.

This is basically a metal or a plastic dice or a flat coin-like shaped thing. The plastic ones are made by injection moulding technique. They are even used in fruit machines and are also used for several other reasons!


Gambling Chips: Colour Types


In the case of gambling chips, colours matter a lot, and you need to decide which colour is needed for your use. White, red and blue are one of the most common colours used in the casino. There are also green and black casino chips available, but they are not that popular!


gambling chips black


Purple, orange, grey, pink and yellow is some of the not so common yet, available coloured of poker chips.


Gambling Chips: Value Types


There is no standardisation method of knowing the value of poker chips and it is not also fixed that the value of all the poker chips across the world will be same!



But there is a method that all the casinos have to follow. The less common colours are the indication of higher end money like $1000, $5000 and $25000, etc.

The common ones, on the other hand, represent the small amount of money. The Whole Casino is Divided into Two Parts:

The General Gaming Zone: here you can come and play whichever denomination you want to.

Actually, this segment is for those first timers or those people who do not have sufficient money to play for a longer period of time. Here generally up to $1000 games take place. As lots of people play this type of games, this section of the casino is always filled with lots of people!

This part is lively, and lots of small calls are played here. So generally here white $1, blue $10 and red $5 chips are used in this segment.

The High Roller Gaming Zone: games beyond $1000 are generally played at this segment of the casino. Casinos in Atlantic City or Las Vegas Nevada generally house such big games.



Starting from $1000, $5000 up to $50000 is available in this section. In such games, chips are not used. Instead of chips they use plaques in such games.

Plaques are flat and are generally made of plastic using the plastic injection mode. The plaques look like cards, and they are used for high-end games at the higher denomination part of the casino.


Gambling Chips: The Uncommon Types


Sometimes different types of uncommon poker chips available for some particular games! $2.50 is available for the blackjack games where a natural 21 is required! $20 chips are generally used at Pai Gow poker tables.

So, also you need to know which type of chip you want for your task! There are lots of common and uncommon chips available for your game!


A Variety of Material is Used for Making these Chips:


Supermarket Chips: such chips are actually very cheap. They are below standard, and the size and width of such chips are substandard, and with such chips, you will not be able to play a game!

You can buy those chips for the child of your house, and these chips are easily available in the market! They are made of cheap plastic, and not so many companies come up with such products! They are very inexpensive, and one can find ridges around the outer surface of the poker chip!

Diamond Chips: these chips are used in games if you are playing home poker. This is also mono coloured chips made of plastic.

Though the quality is not up to the optimum chips, still they are way better than those supermarket chips! They can be hot stamped so on any day they are customised. The diameter of the chips is 39 millimetres which are normal and common in the poker games.

The 805-ounce weight is not that normal but way better than 2 ounce weighted supermarket chips. They are not up to the standards of poker games! Still, they are customisable and used for different reasons.

ABS Plastic or DICE: this is the most popular poker chips available in the market. The finishing of such chips is very good.


Gambling Chips


The normal home poker players will be highly impressed with the amazing finishing of such chips.

Dice and different other designs are formed at the edge of the chips. Such chips are not up to the standards of the casinos. But the home poker players play with such chips in their houses.

Faux Clay: these chips are comparatively cheap, and at the same time you can play casino games with them. They are of the same size required for the casino games.

Though they look same as the supermarket chips, but the material that is used to make them is way different. They are not slippery, and thus it is easy to play with them. It’s easy to shuffle them or stack them during a game.

Injection Moulded Plastic Chips: they are generally available in casinos. They are not monotonic in colour, and more than one colour is used in such cases.

They are mid range yet high-quality chips! The home players cannot get these chips easily. The manufacturers of these chips do not concentrate on home poker games.



Ceramic Casino Grade: these are the most popular chips used in the casino games, and they are praised in comparison of the clay chips available across the world.

They are stable and thus playing with them is a wonderful experience. These chips are completely flat, and they are used for those players who want larger or bigger graphics on chips!

Clay Casino Grade: the touch and feel of these chips will ensure you that you are handling the most popular and precious gambling chips. They are the best available in the market and you will feel wonderful while playing with them!


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