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Casino Gambling Fruit Machines

Rainbow Riches fruit machine is probably the most popular type of machines both at the online casinos and the traditional land-based casinos.

However, not so many people, who use the slots gambling machines know, how they work. In fact, there are people, who have a misunderstanding of how this casino gambling machines work, while other people are more than willing to misguide such people on the same matter.

They have become agents of propaganda against the slots games and machines. They spread old myths regarding this wonderful casino games in a bid to dissuade people from playing them.


Casino Gambling Fruit Machines


For example, you may hear such people saying how some days are good to play slots gambling machines days as compared to other days. Also, they will continue lying to people that you are more likely to win more money when you pull the lever than when you push the spin button.

I’m pretty sure you’ve heard some people say that the temperature of the coins can also determine the amount of money you win while playing the slots casino gambling machine games. There is also a rumor that the duration between when the casino gambling machine paid of its last jackpot will also determine if you will win or not.

While most of these rumors and myths are all lies and based on beliefs that people have, you need to read more to know exactly how the slots gambling machines work.

I’ve written this article in the layman’s language so that the novice and people with very little understanding of English can learn a thing or two about the slots gambling machines and the casino gambling machines in general.


Slots Gambling Machines use the RNG


The RNG is an acronym for the Random Number Generator. The original slots machines were purely mechanical but they still had their results and outcomes determined by the RNG.

This RNG can simply be defined as the software that is responsible for the outcome of all the games of chance played at the land based and online casinos. This includes other casino games such as the roulette, the pair of dice played at the online casinos and the deck of cards.

The only difference that exists between the modern slot machines is that they use a computerized RNG to determine the outcome of every casino game played.

Now, going back to our initial topic of discussion, how do the RNG machine work? Well the RNG works by generating hundreds of thousands of numbers randomly which correspond to a given outcome of the casino game.

Before you place the spin button, the RNG will have randomly decided the outcome of the game such that you will only be seeing the result. Provided that the machine is online, the RNG will continuously be generating numbers.

Therefore, it is important to remember that the slots gambling machine games do not operate in any cyclic manner, and the jackpots linked to this game do not become due. Whether you choose to play your slots in the morning or in the afternoon, the results will always be random and unbiased.

You can neither predict the outcome of the game nor change the temperature of the coin to improve your winnings or chances of winning.

Similarly, you can never play any card game, dice game or any other casino gambling machines game online and expect to determine the outcome as long as the RNG is functioning correctly.


The Casino Edge and The RTP Policy


Well every land-based and online casino do have an edge of the player. The only difference is the value of the edge they have against you.

The casinos edge on every player is usually determined by the use of mathematics and large numbers. For every bet that you place at the online casino, you should expect a lower payout that what it has offered you as the winnings.

For example, the American roulette has odds of correctly picking specific numbers at 37:1 while for the European Roulette, the odds are 35:1. This is simple mathematics and its does not take a genius to figure which of these two casino games has the higher chances of making a profit from it.

For the slots gambling machines, the Return to Player (RTP) ratio is 97%, the highest that you will find in any casino game online or at the land-based casino.

For instance, if you play a slots casino game that has an RTP of 97%, then the average percentage payout that you should expect to winning is 3% of what you put at stake.


Number of Reels in The Slots Gambling Machines


The original slots machines had three reels but with the improvement and advancement of technology, the number has significantly improved to 25 reels in some casino games. In case you are wondering, the reels refer to the images that usually spin when you press the spin button of the casino gambling machines.

Usually, the reels will have multiple symbols on it and you will win when the symbols line up in a certain order or form a certain pattern.

Note that combination symbols that you are less likely to get make the combination have a very high payout rate.
For a few years, the reels were literary made of large metal hoops but with time, they have changed to symbols that are just powered by the computer.


The Par Sheets Are Responsible for Determining the Odds


Each and every modern slots gambling machines are designed with the par sheets which are responsible for specifying the weights for every stop that the reels should make, including the blanks.

For this reason, most of the online casino companies will never reveal their par sheets. This makes it very difficult for players to really understand what the slots games house edge, odds or the games’ RTP is.


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