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Is Lottery Gambling?

The lottery is something that brings joy and money simultaneously. You need to bank your money on those places from where you will get a return. Lots of people become ethical before placing a bet on the lottery. They think whether it is right to place a lottery and whether Bible allows them to play a lottery!

For those Christian, who bestowed their trust on Bible and lead a holy life, this is something that matters a lot. So, alike other gamblers, we would find the root where it described, whether we can call lottery gambling and should we place a bet or not!


What is Gambling?


So, what is gambling? You can place a bet on something whose answer is not known to you, and that should be a big thing.


Is Lottery Gambling


Say, who would be next president of the United States of America! The president of USA matters a lot when it comes to international relationships and when it comes to cosmopolitan peace.

So, this is a big event. Lots of punters from different parts of the world place bets and predict the name of the next president. Gambling legalized in several countries. There, if you place a bet on anything, no one will ever say a word for you!


Bets in the Field of Gaming


Bets can be placed in the field of games as well! Suppose you are an avid follower of European league or international cricket and whenever you place a bet among your friends predicting the winner of the game, you won it!

Then you can do it professionally too and can win huge prize money out of it. That means winning an amount through gambling is easy only when you know how to do that properly. Now you know how to place a bet and what is the meaning of use gambling as your profession.


Is Lottery Gambling?


On the other hand, the lottery is a legalized thing. Even in lots of countries, governments arrange lotteries to gather money for charity, and lots of organizations also arrange such lottery competition to gather money for different charitable trusts.



In such cases, if you win prize money, you need to pay a certain amount of tax to the government and then you can easily use the rest of the money for your use! Once the government gets the tax that means the transaction legalized and no one can point a finger to you. You can easily use the money for whatever purpose you want.


There’s a Slight Boundary That You Need to Know


When you play gambling and place a bet, and when you get money out of it, you need to show the transaction on your IT return file and show the government how much money you earned from it, and if you won something, you need to pay a certain tax to the government.

That means you are sharing your winning amount with the government and the tax payable money will be used for the benefit of the underprivileged people out there. That means the money you won is now white money and you are free to use it in anything you want.


Lottery Often Taken as Gambling


Lots of gamblers mix lottery with gambling. While playing gambling, you will lose a lot of money before or after winning the prize money you played for. It is pure luck, and you cannot ignore that you lose something to win something. Only a handful of people across the world wins money from their first ever transaction.


Lottery Gambling


So, the total amount of loss deducted from the money they won. In this way, their profit ratio calculated. That means, in this way, you calculate whether you won money.

So, in the case of lottery you also pay a certain amount to the government as a tax and according to these people, that money is nothing but the loss deduction you did in gambling.


Why People Mix Gambling and Lottery?


It is how they mix gambling and lottery. It is the place where the ethics come. Should we play the lottery? Is playing the lottery a vice or virtue?

Can we consume the money or the money will be spent like this even before we realize we won it! There are lots of questions, lots of queries and above everything, there are lots of myths regarding lottery and gambling.



People that started placing bets and that have won a certain sum of money also consider it as a vice. According to them, Bible never permits you playing the lottery or placing a bet.

Now you need to know whether Bible seriously offers any law on this! Lottery gambling is a popular myth. Lots of people want to know whether the lottery is like gambling.


Definition of Bible


Risking something valuable object on the result that includes assumptions and risk is known as gambling. In the case of the lottery, you risk your money on the result of the lottery, and you do not know the result! So, you are risking your money, and thus if you consider the definition, the lottery is certainly a branch of gambling.

That means that you are playing gambling when you are playing the lottery. But in most of the cases, casinos do not promote lottery! So, is lottery gambling? They just ask you to place bets on different things. It’s true that you are risking your money on something which is not good in return.


What Bible’s Take on Gambling


Bible never spoke anything in favor or in against of gambling. They did not ask you not to do so. They never discouraged you not to do so! That means if you want, you can do it. But in Bible at a place where the soldiers are gambling Jesus’ clothes, Bible showed that thing under a bad light.


Is Playing The Lottery Considered Gambling


So, if you ask, is playing the lottery considered gambling? We would say that Bible doesn’t show any hatred to it, but it certainly doesn’t like the thing either.

It will never encourage you risking your valuable amenities to others. So, if you are a true Catholic and if you read Bible every day, you need to maintain such small points. Gambling is an addiction in the long run that can harm your family life. You need to keep yourself safe from these consequences.


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