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Online Roulette Gambling: Tips and Systems

Is online roulette gambling a treasure trove or a money sink? The game is all green, black, red, shiny and metallic. Some people might even call it hypnotic. Along with Baccarat, Blackjack and craps, online roulette gambling is one of the most played table games, not only at the online casinos but also at the traditional casinos.

This simple game of chance and physics has been entertaining players for over 200 years. If you are a novice online roulette player, we have some roulette gambling tips as well as roulette gambling system, that will help you reduce the house edge.

This will enable you to enjoy playing the game more and increase your chances of winning real money in the process. I’m a strong believer, that understanding the basics of the game as well as a working strategy is the first step towards enjoying playing it.

Before we can go into roulette gambling system as well as roulette gambling tips, I’d like to introduce to some of the most important concepts in demo roulette – as well as other online casino games.


The House/Online Casino Has a Mathematical Edge over You


This is what is commonly referred to as the house edge. The house edge refers to the online casino’s advantage that it will have over you. The point is that you shouldn’t lie to that there is a strategy that is 100% edge proof, i.e., there is a system that will 100% help you get over the house edge.


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If you play an online casino game that has a high house edge, you will eventually lose to the casino. That is why they say you should quit when you are still ahead.


Tips for Roulette Gambling


Learn how to Play Online Roulette by Familiarising Yourself with the Rules


The first step to online roulette gambling is knowing how to play the game. Familiarise yourself with the basic rules, know what the numbers on the table stand for as well as their paying ratios and the different types of bets that you can place at the roulette table.



Basically, online roulette gambling involves placing your bet on a number, colour or group of numbers that you think the ball will stop at. After that, the croupier (in the case of a live online roulette session), spins the wheel and throws the white ball against the motion of the roulette wheel.

In case the ball lands on your guess, you win the bet. In the event of a roulette session with the computer, you will place your bet by clicking on the chips located at the bottom of the screen and placing them on the section, number or colour that you think the ball will land on. After that, you click on the “spin” button and wait for the result.


Don’t Rely on the Various Roulette Gambling Systems


There are numerous online roulette gambling systems that you can use to lower the house edge.




  • For example, there is the Martingale betting system, the flat betting system, the Labouchere betting system, the D’Alembert betting system among many others.


One thing, that these betting systems have in common is the fact that they significantly lowering the house edge by using mathematics. However, the systems have a downfall in that they are not 100% edge proof. They will work in other cases or backfire in other cases, especially when you fail to use them as they are supposed to.

It's, therefore, important that you first master the roulette gambling system before you can actually start using them. You can do this by using the play money mode available in all the roulette games. This roulette gambling mode allows you to play the game for free.


Choose the European Roulette Game over the American Roulette Game


The American and European roulette games are similar in many ways; starting from the rules to the gameplay. What varies in these two variants of roulette is the layout. While the American Roulette has a 38 slots/numbers, the European roulette has a total of 37 numbers.

This difference arises because of a double zero, which is present in the American Roulette and lacks in the European Roulette game. Besides causing the difference in the total numbers on the roulette wheel, the double zero also causes a difference in the house edge.


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While the European Roulette has a house edge of 2.7%, the double zero in the American Roulette increases the house edge in the game to 5.74%; a figure that is almost twice that of the European Roulette. Consequently, chances of winning the European Roulette game are twice those of the American Roulette game.


Have a Bankroll and Stick to It


A bankroll is a money management system, which allows you to budget on how you will spend your money while playing roulette.


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The bankroll will usually involve splitting your money to fit into the bets that you want to place.


  • For example, when playing roulette and you have a total of $200, it would be unreasonable to place a bet of $100 at a go. Further, it will still be unreasonable to place $20 bets. Instead, you should have bets of $10, which will enable you to play for a long time.


It's important that you stick to your bankroll. Most people will have a bankroll but will not adhere to it and end up losing money while playing online roulette.

Other tips for roulette gambling include knowing when to quit; being discipline when playing the game by not gambling more than you can afford to lose; choosing an online casino with a reputation for offering quality and reliable roulette services; and practising a lot to improve your gameplay.


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