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The Gamble Slots

The Gambler slot machine is the second slot machine that was developed by Ash Gaming. The first slot was the Leprechaun Rainbow. This slot is a 20 pay line five reel slot machine that has an Africa Safari theme and is one of the most exciting slots to play due to the lockable wild symbols.

It is available at most reputable casinos and is ideal the high roller players who love to bet big. It is the place to go after hitting a big win in another slot game as it will give you the chance to make the overall winnings much bigger.


the gamble


The most appealing fact about it is that it has a high return to player rate of about 97%. When the page loads, an introduction of the game is done providing the overview of the workings of the slot and its plays. You can play the gamble slot machine for free at most online casinos and even the land casinos.


The Gamble


This is definitely the time to sharpen your claws and get the meaty wins of this slot machine. It has a unique favor compared to other slot machines.

The reel mechanism is quite unique and amazing. It uses the classic style casino visual which is known in the betting industry for blending classic cartoon stylings with bright colors and a well-done artwork.


the gambler slot machine


There is more than just the touch of the lion king in this game as it is amazing and tends to resemble the Mega Moolah title. The machine has awesome animations, and the reels are packed full with creatures. They are enhanced by the ton of god looking animations which help your winning combinations to come to life.


Amazing Sound and Other Symbols


The sound effects and the noise palette are just amazing. You will hear strange hisses and guttural creaks in the background when the wheel is idle.



The sounds go up a gear when you start playing with bombastic acoustic accents such as the roar of the lion king and smashing cage sounds which come with the locked wild feature.

The base game uses the twenty pay line and five reel format as stated. There is also a special wild that is a bit wilder than the normal wild symbols you know about.

All the wins that are available from the poker symbols have been improved to offer massive wins at the ace end of the spectrum with the top features paying out big prizes across the board.

The game can get a little complex with the special locked wild feature, which allows you to pick your wilds on the reels. All you do is use the mouse pointer to click on the top spaces that you want to be locked, and your wish will become a command.


The gamble lock


There is an increased price to be paid per spin depending on the number of wilds you have locked and the positions on the board that you have chosen.

Hence, you can trim the variance of the game and put several wilds in place for a high cost but be sure of a massive in although the profit will not be as big. Either way, you can stick a few wilds and have a low-cost spin which will result in low chances of getting a big payout.


the gamble rules


This game is fun and unique. It varies greatly from the run of the mill games out there that offer the same game, just different graphics. The bonus round is triggered with a special reel system that is not very similar from the one in the mighty Reel King.

A player has to take a spin the reels of The Gambler slot machine, and if you are lucky to get five meerkat which pops out from below the reels, then you will activate the free spin round where you get eight free spins.

The best thing about the feature is that the wild that you have locked will be carried over to the bonus rounds that you have carried over. The Gambler slot machine is more of a raw slot with very few bonus rounds. It does not have many bonus rounds to distract players from the action on the reels, and this makes it a favorite for many players.


The Gambler Slot: Free Play


It is always good to play the gamble for free. This slot machine, in particular, is one that you really need to try the free play.


the gambler slot machine free play


The only way to build a working reel strategy is by playing the demo play. It gives you the chance to observe the spin costs and the payouts.

The free play is available in most online casinos and mobile slots. It gives the beginners a chance to get a feel of The Gambler and interact with the casino before attaching any financial commitments. It teaches you the spin costs adjustments that come with putting the wilds in various positions.

Also, you learn to strike a balance between profit making and the probability of making a huge payout. You do not have to think about it too much as the developers have done a good job balancing the odds.


Availability of the Game Online


The game is available online. It is compatible with various operating systems which include Windows, Android, and Mac. You will definitely have a device that can play this game somewhere in your house.

The online play is a gift to us from technology. You do not have to put up with the never-ending traffic and the noisy gamblers that will want to intimidate you even though you are not competing.

You can have the fun and excitement of the casino in your own house at your comfort zone without having to worry about anything. You will also be away from land casinos that have advertisements that may tempt you to spend more than you planned.




The Gambler slot machine is one of the best slots in the world. It attracts a lot of slot lovers especially the high roller players and the free play is there to give you the experience of the game before finally deciding to play real money.


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