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Online Gambling (UK)

Since the inception of online casinos in 1996, the growth and expansion of the online gambling UK industry have skyrocketed at a remarkable rate. Currently, the gambling UK industry has hundreds of online gambling UK service providers, which generate an average annual revenue of over $1,000,000,000.

If this figure is divided by 365 days, it is correct to say that the online gambling UK casinos generate slightly over $2,500,000 in revenue daily.

With the global internet population on a steady rise, and with the internet gambling activities and services expanding worldwide in areas such as Asia, Europe, and Africa, it is correct to assume that the figures above are bound to grow without any intermediate signs of slowing down anytime soon.

In most cases, it is good to look at what factors have contributed to the growth of the online gambling UK activities as compared to the land-based casinos.




The majority of the online casinos in the UK support other languages besides English, a factor which enables people from countries which don’t use English as the first language to play and enjoy the Rainbow Riches games with ease.

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Besides English, other languages offered at the online casinos include Danish, German, French, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Czech, Korean, Japanese among many other languages.




Unlike at the land-based casinos, most of the online gambling UK casinos accept multiple currencies that are widely used internationally.

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  • For example, the Euro currency is widely used in European countries while the USD is internationally accepted. Instead of the online casinos to only offer their services in the $ only, the casinos will also have the Euro so that anyone from Italy or Germany can also enjoy the services.



Free casino chips


In an effort to lure more players to their websites, the online gambling UK casinos offer new players and existing players with free casino chips that they can use to play with and win real money in the process.

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In most cases, the free chips can range from somewhere between $5 up to a maximum of $200 depending on the online casino website.




The online casino websites have been known to offer better security services as compared to the land-based casinos. In fact, with the improving technology, the security has been getting better.


  • For example, the online casinos have the 128-bit encryption method and a Secure Socket Layer that reinforces the casinos firewall system to keep all your personal information safe.



Better Payouts


Unlike the land-based casinos, the online casino websites don’t have to employ large numbers of dealers, pay for rent, buy gaming tables and the slots machines. As a result, they only focus on offering their players with the best payouts.


  • For example, if you look at the slots online, the games have an average payout ratio of 94%, a figure that is better as compared to the land-based casinos, which have an average payout ratio of 90%.



Some Frequently Asked Questions About UK Online Gambling 


Is it possible to gamble at an UK online casino if you are not an UK citizen?


As an online casino player, you can start gambling without paying the online casino websites a visit. However, if you happen to do this, it may be unwise because at some point you will land at the online casino website that is no legally licensed and approved by the relevant body.

Always ensure that you visit the online casino websites because they will assist you to land at the best site which has the best gambling games, as well as the best online casino bonuses. It is recommended that you carry out enough research and make your comparison to come up with the best conclusion.


Which online casino games have the best bonuses?


At the UK online casinos, you will able to come across a lot of online casino games that do well with a lot of online casino bonuses. However, getting the bonus may depend on your luck on a particular game, or how good you are.

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Always ensure that you know the rules and regulations which govern such games like the poker and blackjack for you to be in a position to win the best online casino bonuses that come with them. The slots and roulette games will largely depend on your luck for you to win them at the site.


When can I play at the UK online casinos?


The adult age is the best for you to be able to access any online casino website or any gambling related activities. Usually, for you to be considered an adult, you must have attained the minimum age of 18 years in most of the nations in the world.

You also be able to access the online casino for iPad if you are an adult. However, some countries may require you to above 21 years to play online casino for iPad games.


How will the online casinos know of my true age?


The online casinos have a simple method of age verification for all its members. Once you successfully sign up with the site, you shall be expected to produce any of the following document as proof of legal age.

An original government issued ID, Driving License or a Military passport. Failure to do this, your account might remain unverified and consequently miss out on other features offered at the site.


Is there a fine for playing while underage?


In most cases, the online casino will have rules that will limit your ability to enjoy some of their services such as withdrawing your winnings from your account, playing some of the casinos games among other features.

To ensure that you fully enjoy your games, ensure that you’ve verified your account by providing the information required by the Know Your Customer.


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