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Casino Gambling Books

There are several games which are essentially available only in the Rainbow Casino which are commonly called the casino games. In these casino games, the experienced players tend to gamble with other opposition players.

The one who wins tends to get the money and other benefits like that of points and coupons. The casino games are also can be played online only if the company has got legal permission.

You will find different kinds of online casino games which are bound to grab your attention. You can also install the online casino gaming applications which are available on the internet. The applications are easy to install. You just need to register your account by providing authentic information’s and follow the rules and the regulations accordingly.


Casino Gambling Books


There are many casino gambling books which are available in the online booking websites. If you have serious interest in gambling, then here is the perfect list of gambling books which is sure to catch your attention and you can go through.

There are plenty of books on strategies via which you can improve your gambling skills. The strategy gambling books provide you with excellent strategies which can make you a constant winner if you can grab then tricks. Here is a list of the seven best casino gambling books which is worth reading and can be helpful to you as well:


1. Beat the Dealer

Author:  Edward O. Thorp
Publishing House:  Vintage books

This book is considered to be the first casino gambling books written on blackjack casino games. This gambling book consists of the strategies to win the blackjack trade games. It also consists of card counting and it is best for the experienced players. 

The beginners can also consult this book as it contains all the necessary details, the basic strategies and the rules along with the regulation for playing casino games. This book stands out from other books as it was the first book to provide strategies with mathematical equations.


Gambling Books


2. Comped

Author: Bill Kearney
Publishing House: Ian Scott Press

This book is perfect for those who have got any member of the family or a friend who has got “comped” in the royal casino games. The author who is playing the character of Richie V tends to take the readers on an enthralling roller-coaster ride of the lifetime.

He uncovers the adventures present in the casinos in the city of the Atlantic which is popularly called the Atlantic City. The books tell about the helicopters and the extravagant and lavish penthouses present in the game.


Gambling Books comped


3. Gambling 102

Author: Michael Shackleford
Publishing House: Huntington Press

The author of the gambling book is extremely famous and well-known in the world of gambling as he has got in-depth knowledge of the gambling tricks and strategies.

In his book, he has incorporated the tricks along with mathematical equations which make the stands out from the normal gambling books. This book is not for the beginners as it requires some amount of knowledge of gambling before you start reading the book.


Casino Gambling Books


4. Gambling Like a Pro: The Complete Idiot’s Guide

Author: Stanford Wrong
Publishing House: Alpha

Stanford Wrong is one of the best authors when it comes to gambling. In this book, he tends to explain the rules and regulations of the casino games.

The book can be consulted by the beginners as well because the basics are mentioned in easy language which can be understood by any gambling person. The book also consists of the tricks used to win the casino games.  This is one of the most well-known casinos gambling books.


Casino Gambling Books guide


5. Bringing Down The House

Author: Ben Mezrich
Publisher: Simon and Shuster New York

This book is quite interesting and tempting as it makes the readers impatient in knowing what’s next! The book mainly focuses on the life of a person named Kevin Lewis who won large amounts of money from the casinos of Las Vegas with the help of his blackjack group.

The book narrates all the details starting from Kevin joining the group to making all the important decisions. The book narrates all the exciting experiments he did, and all his experiences are noted down. The book allows the readers to connect with all the characters present deeply.



6. The Everything Casino Gambling Book

Author: George Mandos
Publishing House: Adams Media Corporation

This book consists of all the necessary rules and regulations that are extremely important for playing casino games. It also includes the tricks and the strategies required to win the gambling.

The book can be very beneficial for the gamblers. Ranging from the blackjacks to poker, how to play the slot machines, all the details are listed in the book which makes it easier for the beginners to understand. This book has got everything you need to know to play casino games.


Casino Gambling Books Mandos


7. Telling Lies and Getting Paid

Author: Michael Konik
Publishing House: Huntington Press

This book consists of fourteen stories having gambling themes. The book is written in a manner which is bound to retain the attention of the readers until the end.

It consists of interesting stories which make up the mood to keep on going with the book. It also includes the different tricks and strategies required to win the gambles in the royal casinos. It also describes the basics and rules and regulations which are to be followed while playing and be a consistent winner.


Casino Gambling Books telling lies


The casino gambling books are quite interesting for the people who are very much inclined towards gambling. The books can be bought via online bookstores where you can get discounts as well. They will directly get the ordered books delivered to your place without any hassle.

You can do some research before buying the books as there are hundreds of them. Whether you are a professional in gambling or a beginner, you have to choose the book accordingly.


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