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What is the Legal Gambling Age in the UK?

The act of gambling has been associated with the human race for a very long time, to be more specific from the time of birth of the civilizations. The things of exchange, people, time & era, has changed with the rotating wheel of life, but the basic idea and theme of this quite brilliant innovation of the human mind are still the same.

People put up their precious things and belongings at the stake of a process whose positive outcome will profit them with the belongings of the opponent or else have to lose their possessions.


The Origin of Gambling


It was somewhere in the 4500 BC, when people used to put up their valuable possessions on races as a bet, and the winner used to get everything. Though is it quite difficult to exactly locate the origin of gambling as in races and regions. There’s no strong information on the gambling age too.




There is no idea even about the age group of people, which used to play the most gamble games. Children are mostly attracted to this act since their maturity level is too low and they only see the amount of money flowing in and the winner winning.

There were no strict rules and regulations during that early stage of life. Instead, there were no such analysis of the consequences, procedures of the game, no collateral & many more things in the past.

With the start of 19th century, it was for the first time when humans realized to keep a check on this act. Some intelligent gambler or some man realized that it was compulsory to keep a restriction on the gambling age.

It is the result of that initial thought that today that the regulation of legal gambling age in the UK, USA, and every other place is valid where gambling is licensed.


What is Actually the Legal Gambling Age in the UK?


There have been quite a lot of rules, research and results and the conclusion was something almost the entire world agreed upon. The minimum age to play Rainbow Riches UK is supposed to be 18 years of age.

The official age, which signifies the adulthood of a human was finally decided to keep the children away from the gambling games. This age shows signs of maturity towards life and circumstances and so was believed to keep the children at an age bar.

There is another point in this minimum age bar condition, where the age of 21 years of age is also legalized in some parts of the world for some particular kind of gambling games.


gambling age UK


The legal gambling age in the UK is 18 years old like the international convention. But some games and plays are kept an age bar about 16 years old. This game and gambles do not consist of high money prize or costly exchange.


Some Ill-Effects, if Age is Not Legalized in Any Part of the World:


Rise in Criminal Activity: children do not have that maturity level with them and hence if addicted to gambling may lead to doing crimes to get more money to play in bets and gambling games. This will definitely make the tasks for police and law, regulatory bodies much tougher to complete.

Demolition of Culture: different countries have different cultures and traditions to follow related to respect, obedience, and many more qualities. No age bar in gambling will play a significant role in demolishing these qualities and cultures, worldwide.


Gambling age


Addiction Will Be Everywhere: the act of gambling is quite addictive for anyone new to it, with just a small streak of wins. It can lead to bankruptcy within minutes from being millionaires.

The Life Will Become Hell: with the upraise of crimes and every other consequence, the earth will no more be a place to live. Everyone will snatch anything he or she see with the richer ones, and it’ll not be a place for humans to live.


Measures to Fight in Support of the Gambling Age in the UK


Ever since the minimum age was legalized for playing the gambling, there were certain other measures to support responsible gambling in addition to the legal gambling age in the UK.


Legal Gambling Age in the UK


Having the 2nd highest number of players in the world, the United Kingdom has a big contribution to the gambling industry in the country’s economy. So, it made its laws and regulations a bit tougher for keeping a strict restriction on uncontrolled gambling.

The GambleAware website has the important information related to all the measures being supported by all the online casino owners, which specially mentions the age of 18 years old and above. In the olden days of casinos, there used to be boxers standing at the entrance checking everyone for their age id proofs.

But now since the time has changed, the online casinos ask the players to submit their proofs through email id and after passing through strict restrictions only, they are allowed to enter and play. Despite all preventive measures, there are cases where children register themselves as fake adults somehow and are playing gambling.

Laws are not still so strict towards children caught in this illegal act and are sent to the juvenile till they reach the age of adults. After which they are set free to take a fresh start in their life.


Don’t Just Talk, Share and Support!


The act of keeping a legal gambling age in the UK is a preventive measure taken up by the government together with the casino owners.



But to make sure that this law of gambling age is known to everyone and in any part of the country and the world. The social networking platforms must be used to full utilization for spreading the awareness about the gambling age in the UK and in different parts of the world too.

The online gambling casino owners itself are among the biggest contributors in spreading this noble cause of awareness among the youths and the old aged against the ill-effects of no age bar for gambling.


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