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Online Gambling Statistics in the UK

The logic & science of mathematics has helped humans in each and every field of their functions. It would have been impossible to imagine the world without it. Similarly, the world of gambling and betting has also a significant role played by the same.

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From the calculations of the game to the statistics of the whole process, it is extremely important to keep a track record of everything.


Let’s Cast Some Light on the UK Gambling Statistics


The act of gambling has been long connected with the human race from ancient times and civilizations. From the sources of Indian Mahabharata to the Chinese philosophy, many modern day casino gambling games have found out their origin with such olden times.

Many gambling games have been a mixture of two or more games together. For instance, the Pai Go Poker is actually a mixture of Chinese game Pai Go and the Poker game.



In the 20th century of the modern age civilization, gambling saw increasing popularity among the humans and which led to the rise of special clubs, casinos and places where such gambling games were played on a large scale.

The number of people getting attracted towards the gambling in clubs and casinos started growing up from thousands to millions and billions by the end of the 21st century.


favorite online gambling games


A tracking system was implemented in the 1990s to estimate the total number of players going to the Rainbow Riches games, indirectly preparing a gambling statistics and it turned out to be around 2 billion people going to destination cities for playing gambling games in clubs and casinos.

And the entire business of gambling was estimated to be around 40 billion pounds by the century’s end.


The Next Big Thing Was the Invention of the Internet!


When the internet was invented and launched, no one could ever imagine it could do such miracles. It also transformed the world of gambling entirely from tip to toe.

The first and the foremost job it did was, it connected the whole world and made it look smaller as compared to its actual size. The first online casino game was launched in the year of 1996 with just 18 games in it.

But if one looks into the market of online gambling statistics in the year 2016, there are thousands of websites offering thousands of online games.


Online Gambling Statistics


They provide entertainment, thrill and big money to its players & members playing the gambling game worldwide. Some points that conclude the summary and bring out some shocking facts about the online gambling world are:


  • As per the surveys and research in the year of 2010, the online gambling stands to be worth of around $29 billion.

  • The revenues have grown at twice the rate of total income in the online gambling world within a decade.

  • Till date, it was a belief that the majority of the gambling players were of male category, but recent research has shown that 57% players from the American continent belong to a female category.

  • The online gambling statistics also suggests that nearly 75% adult gamble on a regular interval of time, whereas 85% adults have played the gamble game at some point in time in their life.

  • Many business entrepreneurs having started their business of casino parlors and clubs have turned out to be billionaires today with the help of online gambling.


The Results of Online Gambling Statistics Based on Major Countries, Worldwide!


Different countries have a different perspective towards the concept of gambling. Some countries have banned the practice of playing such games with moral backgrounds, whereas some have made strict rules and regulations for such organizations to function.

One such shocking fact revealed by the online gambling statistics is that the country, which has the maximum number of online gambling players with the highest rate of spending on such things, is the Australia.


Online Gambling Statistics in the UK


The facts are straight and quite amazing that 80% of the Australian population are regular in playing the online gambling games. They have also recorded to spend the highest amount of $1200 per year per head of gambling against any other gamble playing nationality in the world.

All other competitors in terms of countries are not even half of the spending of the people of the Australian continent. The online gambling statistics in the UK gives a clear cut idea about the business of gambling in the United Kingdom.

This country has flourished the business of gamble in a quite strict, regulated and limited way, turning it into one of the economy boosters for the country.

It is estimated as per a survey of the online gambling statistic in the UK, that the revenue of gambling business in the United Kingdom stands out to be 2.28 billion pounds. It has risen by a mark of 1 billion pounds within a span of 5 years with the help of technological advancement.


The Vital Role Played By the Innovations, Ventures & Mobile Phones!


The introduction of smartphones proved to be a boon for the online gambling world. The entire credit goes to the technology that, people got more access to their favorite online gambling games and the total revenue of the gambling games increases multiple folds within days.

Gambling statistics itself display the sheer effect of this new modern age weapon of the mass public. Casinos, clubs & parlors, which were once famous for their destinations, came down on the screen of their phones and making it easier, simpler & quicker for people to play gambling games regularly.


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