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What is Professional Football Gambler?

So, you’ve really had a good weekend with all your football bets, and you are now facing work tomorrow, with Monday blues after bookie bashing with a few friends.. why not try being a professional football gambler on a full-time basis?

It's not an impossibility to become a professional gambler in football on a full-time basis. With the advancement of technology and the invention of the online bookmaker services, you can now easily and effectively earn up to a neat $1,000 on a daily basis from the comfort of your house.

Many people have followed this path, and they’ve never regretted or wanted to go back to the office. In fact, I’ve never wanted to work for my mean boss ever since I discovered the power of football tipsters and online bookmaker services.

I’ve managed to multiply my modest cash to something you’ll envy me if I reveal how much I make on a weekly basis!


How Do You Make Football Gambling Your Full-Time Career?


The first question that you should ask yourself is whether you really want to become a professional gambler football. Most people envisage their life being glamorous, waking up late in the morning, and not having to answer to anyone about an assignment or task that they were assigned to. However, the reality is very totally different.

A professional gambler football know that in order to succeed in the financial sector, you have to work hard, mostly researching the form of different teams for hours a day before deciding on whether or not the team is worth the stake!



Once, a successful professional gambler football said, “If you wish to make good money gambling online, you’ve got to treat gambling just like any other professional.”

Another successful professional gambler said that the loneliness of working alone for 8 long hours was his biggest challenge. “I’d gone from being a team member to working alone for 8 long hours a day in my house. This was pretty lonely.”

You also have to be prepared that some people including your wife, family members and friends may view your idea of being a full-time professional gambler football as a dirty or work-shy choice. However, heed none of their comments, as long as you are happy with your choice and ready to be your own boss, read on to find more tips!


Tips on Becoming a Professional Football Gambler



Don’t follow your heart when betting


When you start your journey of being a professional gambler, you have to put back the days that you would place your bet on a team because you are a staunch supporter or because they are the “favorites” to win the match.


professional gambler football


When betting online, always use your head to place your bets, by this I mean that you need to think critically before you place your bet. Do a little bit of research on the teams that are playing against each other and make a wise choice based on the Stats.


  • For example, Manchester United vs. Leicester City has had four encounters in the EPL since the “underdogs,” Leicester City were promoted to the top tier. However, Manchester has only managed to win only once against this team and placing your bet outright because you believe that Manchester United are the favorites to win will be foolish of you.


Instead, the double chance for Manchester United would be the best option, given the number of times that the matches between these two teams have ended.




This is fundamental to each and every successful gambler. Discipline entails knowing which team you are placing your bet on, sticking to a league that you are well familiar with as well as knowing how much money you should place a bet with.

What fails most of the professional gambler football is not knowing how to manage their bankroll. The bankroll refers to the amount of money that they can place their bets without jeopardizing their future bets. It's, therefore, important that you become disciplined to avoid any chances of losing your initial investment.


Not all the days are good days


Be prepared as a professional gambler to lose some money on your quest to becoming successful in the betting. Not all the days will rake in some cash for you. Sometimes, there are teams that will ruin that opportunity of making money.


professional gambler football tips bad


In such a case, you need to be smart and avoid chasing the losses. As stated earlier on, you’ll have to have the discipline to become successful. And part of being disciplined is smart enough not to chase your losses. In the scenario, you lose your cash, quit and come back the next day.


Familiarize yourself with the various football markets


Football, unlike other sports, has various betting markets. On regular occasions, you have up to 100+ markets that you can select from any top tier game, while you have up to 20+ betting markets on the regular games.


professional gambler football tips


Such markets include the 1X2, the goals market, the HF/FT market, the anytime goalscorer market among many other. When you familiarize yourself with these markets, you’ll find betting easy, and the risk involved in betting will be minimized.


Choose a reputable bookmaker online


Not all bookmakers are suitable to kick start your professional gambler football career.


professional gambler football sites


With the increasing number of online bookmakers online, there has been an increase in the number of rogue or crooked bookmakers too. Such bookmakers will lure you with a promise of rewarding bonuses and quality services only for them to rip you off your hard-earned money.

Either, these bookmakers will delay to make your payments, cancel your bets without any reason or use your information to steal money from you. Therefore, it's advisable that you visit only reputable bookmakers such as Bet365, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Paddy Power among others.

By strictly following the tips mentioned above, you should be sure of making a killing as a professional gambler football. If you are determined to take this path, go ahead and pay no attention to the critics, just let them see the fruits of your belief. Good luck!


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