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The Gambling Times (Forum)

The Gambling Times, abbreviated as TGT, is highly affiliated to a number of the best internet gambling websites. These websites are reviewed on the websites various list and rated accordingly.

In some of the websites that are affiliated to the casino, they will usually be paid some commission for redirecting new players and contributors to the gambling Times forum. This money is paid as a percentage for every active member at TGT and who have led to the generation of the redirect.

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The mentioned sites have an opportunity of claiming £5 icon by the review. Furthermore, there is the £5 referal, with active members of the gambling Times forum being beneficiaries of excellent customer support services offered at the site.

In case of a complaint involving money, a thorough investigation into the matter is conducted after, which the contributor affected is reimbursed their money.

However, this WILL ONLY happen to genuine cases. Additionally, the gambling Times will have other incentives such as freerolls, gambling Times exclusive bonuses, and the no loss bets.

For the gambling Times forum and website to maintain their high level of customer care services, it is vital that members at the site, new and old members alike, to continue using the affiliate links posted at other websites and have been promoted by the site. Failure to do this, the TGT forum as well as the website will cease to exist.


History of "The Gambling Times"


With this stated, starting from 1st July 2009, all the posts that shall be made on the TGT forum and happen to relate/mention or generally advertise websites that are affiliated directly or indirectly to TGT without any erstwhile consent, they may be subjected to moderation.

This can include deletion or editing of the posts especially if the regulator feels that the post violates TGT’s rules and regulations. If there are members who will be warned and fail to heed to the warning, then their premium membership at the Times forum (if applicable) shall be rebuked.

Further violations will see the user’s account being suspended and in worst-case scenario have their account at the site terminated.

This is a decision that has been revised thoroughly and a great deal of thought has been taken in thinking of possible ways of approaching this problem so that nobody will be alienated or separated from the Gambling Times community.

Yes, we are also fully aware that other people will view this stance as a very strict measure but for the sake of the community’s reputation, it is important that we clearly define what we accept and don’t accept.

Out our website, we aim at enabling members to make money online through gambling and our main way of achieving this is by making good use of the bonuses and promotional offers given online.


The Gambling Times - Forum Rules


For most of our users online, this changes are not bound to affect them in any way – as most of the posts that they shall be making online will basically be the related to the main competitor of the gambling Times, but there are quite a number too online.

If any of our members will wish to seek the services of these websites, it is okay by the gambling Times website though the website will not take any responsibility of any loss incurred while at the sites.

If there is a separate website/newspaper/forum that has better deals in terms of bonuses and the bonuses offered at the site are better than gambling Times’, then all the members who have access to the site are allowed to advertise it at our website.

Note that any reference that will be made directly to bookmakers/casinos and other forms that enable members to make money online shall NOT be subjected to any moderation. The only catch here however is that they have to offer members genuine promotions and viable/reasonable promotions.

Refer A Friend deals to sites that have been accepted will also not be subjected to any moderation. In fact, we highly encourage players to help post such links.

Even though the moderator and the administrators of the Gambling Times forum will try as much as possible to keep all the objectionable messages from the website, it will not be possible for them to read all the messages.

All messages that will be posted online will be expressing the views of the publisher and neither the proprietors of Gambling Times not the vBulletin Solutions. Inc shall be held accountable for anything that shall be posted online.

By reading the stated rules, all the players accept that they shall not post or publish any message that has hateful, obscene, threatening, vulgar or otherwise breaks any of the mentioned laws. In such a scenario, the Gambling Times owner has all the rights to edit, remove or take extreme measures such as closing an account.


Offers available through the Gambling Times Forum


To view all the services that are currently active trough the gambling Times, you will have to visit the website and click on the “Todays Offers Archive.”

The section usually contains the types of offers that you will have access to once you are a registered Gambling Times premium member. Below are some good examples of offers available.


Ladbrokes Betting offer


A £5 casino bonus and £100 in cash. To receive the bonus and offer, you will have to spend £10 on playing the Nags to Riches online slots game to receive the £5 casino bonus. Moreover, you will be required to spin your way to receive the £100 cash payout through the Grand National turnover event.


Coral Offer


They have the consolidation cashback offer to all their players. In this offer, if you lose your bet as a result of an injury time goal, you will be refunded your stake.


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